Scientific Research Base

    Construction of science and technology base is the top priority for scientific and technical research in colleges and always adheres to the principle of “consolidating the advantages, highlighting the priorities and balancing the development”. Our key laboratories and engineering centers have greatly increased and significantly improved through the 211 Project and 985 Project construction. The science and technology base has undertaken a good number of major national research tasks, cultivated outstanding innovative talents, provided a good environment for international cooperation and exchanges and made a lot of original scientific and technological achievements. The base not only plays an important role in building up a framework for scientific and technological renovation but provides a strong support for the scientific and technical development.

    Up to now, based on our university, there are 3 state key laboratories, 4 national engineering (technology) research centers, 3 national engineering laboratories (including build), 1 Joint International Research Laboratory,44 key laboratories at the provincial and ministerial level and 26 engineering (technology) research centers at the provincial and ministerial level.