Prof. Zhou Jiong's Research Group from NEU Published a Paper in the Top International Journal Chemical Society Reviews

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Update: 2023-09-05

Recently, Prof. Zhou Jiong's research group from the College of Sciences of NEU has made a breakthrough in the field of adsorption separation based on nonporous adaptive crystals (NACs). Their work titled Potential of Nonporous Adaptive Crystals for Hydrocarbon Separation was published in the top international journal Chemical Society Reviews. Yan Miaomiao, doctoral student of 2022 from Prof. Zhou Jiong's research group, is the first author of the paper; Wang Yuhao and Chen Jingyu, master students of 2021 from Prof. Zhou Jiong's research group, are the second and third authors respectively; NEU is the sole completion unit; and Prof. Zhou Jiong is the corresponding author. This is the first paper published in the Chemical Society Reviews with NEU as the first unit, marking that NEU's international influence in the field of supramolecular chemistry research has been further recognized.

Typical NACs for hydrocarbons separation

The Chemical Society Reviews is a leading journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). The highly influential, authoritative and readable review papers published in it represent the cutting-edge chemical science, and reflect the highest quality and great international impact. The Chemical Society Reviews is thetop journal, with the latest impact factor of 46.2, Q1, CAS.

Hydrocarbon separation, an important process in the field of petrochemical industry, provides a variety of raw materials for industrial production and strong support for the development of national economy. However, the traditional separation process would generate huge energy consumption. Comparatively, NACs-based adsorption separation is featured by low energy consumption, high chemical and thermal stability, excellent selective adsorption and separation performance, and outstanding recyclability, thus it is regarded as an attractive green alternative to traditional energy-intensive separation technologies. In view of the special potential of NACs in hydrocarbon separation, Prof. Zhou Jiong’s research group from NEU reviewed the research progress of various supramolecular NACs in recent years, and detailed the current challenges and future research directions. Based on a large body of the latest research, this review paper surely will facilitate the development of NACs for hydrocarbon separation and stimulate more interesting studies in related fields.

The work has received strong support from the NSFC, the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, and NEU.

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