Teams from NEU Won Finalist, ASA and COMAP Scholarship in the COMAP’s 2023 MCM/ICM Contest

Written By: Edited By:Lei Chang, Ming YangResource: 新闻网
Update: 2023-05-17

Recently, the results of the COMAP’s 2023 MCM/ICM Contest were released. NEU students won a total of 108 international awards, including one Outstanding Winner, 12 Finalists, 24 Meritorious Winners and 71 Honorable Mentions. Among them, the Outstanding Winner team of NEU won the ASA Award (ASA for short) and the COMAP Scholarship Award (COMAP Scholarship for short) at the same time. It is the first time that NEU won the above two awards, which is a historical breakthrough of NEU.

The team of Xia Chenyue, Ren Jing and Pan Anyu led by Professor Guo Guibing from the Software College of NEU was designated as the Outstanding Winner in the contest. The team also won the ASA and the COMAP Scholarship.

The ASA is a special honor awarded by the American Statistical Association every year to one of the teams designated as the Outstanding Winners in Question C in the contest. This year, there were as many as 8,011 teams participating in Question C in the contest. Professor Guo Guibing's team won the only ASA worldwide with excellent results. The ASA winning rate is only about 0.012%. Every year, the COMAP Scholarship Committee would select four top MCM/ICM teams worldwide. This year, four teams from NEU (China), Beijing Institute of Technology (China), Tianjin University (China) and Duke University (USA) stood out from 20,858 teams around the world and won this award, with a winning rate of only about 0.019%. The COMAP Scholarship per team is $10,000, with $9,000 going to the team members and $1,000 to the school.

Additionally, 12 teams from NEU won the Finalist, including the team of Yang Yaqi, Zhang Jianlin and Yang Kai led by teacher Wang Jian from the School of Business Administration, the team of Lv Sicheng, Shang Hengran and Zhou Bo led by teacher Sheng Ying from the College of Sciences, the team of Yao Jinke, Yan Rui and Song Zhenghang and the team of Xi Wanting, Lai Hongfeng and Qing Qiyang led by teacher Chen Dali from the College of Information Science and Engineering, the team of Zheng Le, Hu Junhao and Guo Xiaoke led by teacher Feng Lin from the College of Information Science and Engineering, the team of Shao Yawen, Wu Yin Yimo and Lin Zihan led by teacher Zhang Yunzhou from the College of Information Science and Engineering, the team of Liu Zhizhao, Liu Liming and Li Yukun and the team of Wang Xiaoke, Ai Siqi and Wan Tongxin led by teacher Zhang Yanfeng from the College of Computer Science and Engineering, the team of Sun Yu, Song Hengquan and Lai Zhentao led by teacher Lin Chuan from the Software College, the team of Guan Xikang, Qiu Junxiang and Tang Wen led by teacher Duan Peibo from the Software College, the team of Xiang Zhiyuan, Liang Zifeng and Wang Chupei led by teacher Jia Zixi from the Faculty of Robot Science and Engineering, and the team of Lu Tao, Zhang Yihan and Wang Caolu led by teacher Wang Xianpeng from the Scientific Center of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

The MCM/ICM Contest, organized by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP), is an international mathematical contest in modeling and the most influential mathematical contest in modeling in the world. Since its inception in 1985, the MCM/ICM Contest has been held for 39 times. Every year, it attracts outstanding students from universities around the world, with the contents covering such fields as economy, management, environment, resources, ecology, medicine and security. The COMAP’s 2023 MCM/ICM Contestwas held from 6:00 on February 17 to 9:00 on February 21, 2023 (Beijing time), attracting a total of 20,858 teams of 61,735 students from 1,507 universities (institutions) around the world. NEU had 277 teams of 831 undergraduate students from 16 colleges (schools) participating in the contest, contributing the largest number of participants in recent years. In addition, 116 teachers from 11 colleges (schools, laboratories and research centers) participated in the contest as advisors. The winning rates of the Outstanding Winner and the Finalist are only 0.18% and 2.63% respectively, while NEU has won the former for three consecutive years, and the number of the Finalists that NEU won in 2023 increases by 140% compared with last year. 

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