NEU Achieved Excellent Results in the RAICOM Robot Developer Competition Held in 2023

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Update: 2023-10-28

Recently, the 2023 RAICOM Robot Developer Competition’s national competition results for each event were announced. NEU has achieved remarkable success by winning a total of 16 national first prizes, 6 second prizes, and 6 third prizes, attaining the most outstanding performance in its history.

The competition wasorganized by the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in collaboration with the RoboCom International Open Organizing Committee. The competition consists of four competitive tracks, including the Digital Creativity Track (CAIA), Programming Design Track (CAIP), Engineering Competition Track (CAIR), and Engineering Maker Track (CAIM). NEU won 15 national first prizes, 4 second prizes, and 5 third prizes in the Programming Design Track (CAIP); 1 national first prize, 2 second prizes and 1 third prize in the Engineering Competition Track (CAIR).

The RoboCom Robot Competition is centered around the strategic goal of building a manufacturing and cyber powerhouse, and advanced artificial intelligence and robotics technologies. This event aims to facilitate high-quality competition activities, academic exchanges, cultural promotion, and other professional services. The competition is dedicated to the establishment of a collaborative and accessible platform for the advancement of science and technology education and industrial services. Currently, RoboCom has emerged as a globally recognized event brand that has been independently established by China and holds significant global influence. The competition holds recognition from the China Association of Higher Education's National College Student Subject Competition Ranking and has been classified as a five-star competition according to the NEU Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Star Classification Table.

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