NEU Achieves Outstanding Results in the 2023 China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling

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Update: 2023-12-07

Recently, the list of winners for the 2023 “HEP Cup” China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) was announced. NEU received two first prizes nationwide, with one awarded to the main campus and the Qinhuangdao campus each. Additionally, they secured 12 second prizes, with nine awarded to the main campus and three to the Qinhuangdao campus.

CUMCM, organized by the Chinese Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, is a fundamental subject competition for college students across the country. This year's competition attracted nearly 180,000 participants in 59,611 teams from a total of 1685 institutions and campuses at home and abroad. NEU attached great importance to this event and meticulously organized activities such as campus selection, faculty and student pairing, and coaching and training. In the end, the team guided by Professor Lang Jun from the main campus, including Zhou Chen, Ji Zhengyang, and Wang Yingjie, as well as the team guided by Professor Liu Yanjie from the Qinhuangdao campus, including Wang Shijie, Wang Wuji, and Li Yueti, both received national first prizes. Furthermore, in the evaluations of various regional competitions, the main campus of NEU obtained 40 first prizes, 40 second prizes, and 54 third prizes in the Liaoning region, while the Qinhuangdao campus received 4 first prizes and 23 second prizes in the Hebei region.

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