Three cases of the NEU were approved by project establishment for the theme cases of CDGDC of the Ministry of Education in 2023.

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Update: 2024-04-07

Recently, China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (referred to as CDGDC) announced the project establishment results for the collection of theme cases of " China Professional-degree Case Center " in 2023. Among them, three cases applied for by the NEU were approved.

The theme cases were collected by the CDGDC. In 2023, the theme cases were collected around four themes: “Intelligent Manufacturing of Great Country” “Inheritance of Chinese Civilization” “Coordinated Regional Development” and “Going Global”. CDGDC has reviewed a total of 655 projects from 241 organizations through three-grade review and approval of “review and recommendation by the organization” “review by experts’ grouping” and “approval by case experts”, and publicity of results. A total of 3 themes of our school were selected, among which one is the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing of Great Country”, one is the theme of "Coordinated Regional Development" and the other is the theme of "Going Global".

Case teaching is an important way to strengthen the cultivation of the practical ability of graduate students with a professional degree, innovate the teaching mode of graduate students, and promote the organic integration of theoretical teaching and practice. It is also an important means to promote the reform of the training mode of graduate students with a professional degree. Our school vigorously drives the teaching reform of graduate courses, strengthens the construction of graduate cases, promotes the learning of cases in the classroom, and actively participates in the collection and selection of teaching cases at the provincial and national levels. We make remarkable achievements in the construction of teachers' teams for cases as well as the compilation and entering database of high-level cases. Up to now, 15 cases have been approved for project establishment for the theme. The school will further promote the case teaching and construction of the case database, strengthen the cultivation, promotion and application of excellent case resources, serve the development needs of professional degrees in the new era, and push the high-quality development of graduate education.

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