NEU held the first "Changchun Liu Cup" Campus Table Tennis Competition

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Update: 2024-04-16

On March 31, the opening ceremony of the first “Changchun Liu Cup” campus table tennis competition of NEU was held at the Changchun Liu Gymnasium on Nanhu Campus. Yuning Sun, Director and Jun Hui, Deputy Director of the Physical Education Department, attended the opening ceremony. The event was sponsored by the Physical Education Department and co-organized by the Gymnasium Center.

This competition attracted widespread attention. A total of 18 teams and more than 100 athletes from the school signed up for the competition. The athletes on the field maintained full enthusiasm and showed wonderful matchups. After hard work and competition, three teams from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, the School of Materials Science and Engineering and the College of Sciences won the championship, runner-up and third place in this competition respectively. The School of Resources and Civil Engineering, the College of Information Science and Engineering, the Physical Education Department, the College of Medicine and Biological Information Engineering and the School of Metallurgy ranked fourth to eighth respectively. Three teams from the School of Resources and Civil Engineering, the School of Metallurgy and the Faculty of Robot Science and Engineering won the title of “Spiritual Civilization Sports Team”.

The “Changchun Liu Cup” series of events is a campus sports brand activity created by the Physical Education Department of NEU. It aims to enrich the campus sports culture, improve the physical fitness of teachers and students, and provide guarantee for the first-class university construction of the NEU.

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