The 15th Lan Qiao Cup National Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Competition National Finals (Liaoning Division) Came to an End at NEU

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Update: 2024-06-12

On the morning of June 1, the 15th Lan Qiao Cup National Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Competition National Finals (Liaoning Region), hosted by the talent exchange center of Ministry of industry and information technology and undertaken by Guoxin Lan Qiao Education Technology Company Limited and the School of Software of NEU, came to an end at the Hunnan Campus of NEU.

This competition mainly focuses on software, electronics and other projects, covering multiple disciplines and fields and showcasing the outstanding talents of the participants in different technical directions. During the competition, the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Software Engineering at NEU provided a good competition environment and comprehensive technical support for the participants, ensuring the smooth progress of the competition. The contestants not only demonstrated their professional skills and innovative abilities here, but also stimulated greater enthusiasm for learning and exploration spirit through competition and communication.

It is reported that the Software College has hosted the competition multiple times, and this national competition has successfully organized nearly 550 participants from more than 40 universities in the province to participate in the competition. The scale and influence have further expanded, not only reflecting the competition organization ability and professional level of the college's national experimental teaching demonstration center, but also further expanding the influence of the school and college. The School of Software will take this competition as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the organization and training of subject competitions, committed to providing students with more platforms to showcase themselves and exchange learning, and contribute to promoting the cultivation of innovative talents, promoting high-quality development of the school, and advancing the progress of the national information technology industry.

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