Key Laborotary of Mineral Processing Technology, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

The Key Laboratory of Mineral Processing Technology, Liaoning Province, was established in 2010. The overall orientation of the laboratory is based on the fact that China’s mineral resources are complex and the level of comprehensive utilization is not high. It focuses on the key technologies for refractory ore processing, the efficient processing and utilization of mineral materials, and the comprehensive utilization and ecological development of mineral resources, eventually forming a scientific research and teaching system with complete equipment and supporting functions, and building important center for scientific and technological innovations, transformation of achievements, and education for advanced professional talents in the field of mineral processing in China.

At present, key laboratories are divided into mineral processing and powder technology research team and research team for the efficient use of mineral resources and process simulation, and a research team for genetic mineral processing engineering is under construction. The main research directions include: key technologies for refractory ore-dressing; high-efficiency processing and utilization of mineral materials; comprehensive utilization and ecological development of mineral resources.

The key laboratories have formed a scientific research team composed of academic leaders, teachers with higher academic standards and technical personnel with rich engineering experience. At present, the key laboratories have a total of 31 fixed researchers and 3 mobile researchers, among whom 15 are senior, 14 are senior, and 5 are intermediate. Among them, 27 are Ph.D. and others all have master's degrees. Including one scholar of the “thousand youth” title, one scholar of the “National Outstanding Youth Fund”, three scholar with the title of “talents in the new century”, two people enjoying special government allowances, four key teachers in Liaoning Province, and one scholar with the title of “one hundred talented people in Liaoning Province”, three people with the title of “one thounsand talented people in Liaoning Province”.

The laboratory recently conducted research on genetic mineral processing engineering technology. GMPE (Genetic Mineral Processing Engineering) was proposed by the famous master of mineral processing engineering in China and Academician Sun Chuanyao, an alumnus of Northeastern University, inspired by the “Material Genome Project”, aiming at the genesis of ore deposits, ore properties, and minerals. Based on the research and testing of “genetic” characteristics of minerals, a large database is established and applied, and modern information technologies and mineral processing technologies are deeply integrated. Through intelligent recommendation, simulation and limited verification tests, fast and efficient, precise selection of beneficiation technology and equipment will be decided, providing support for the design of a new concentrator or the technical transformation of an old plant.

In future, key laboratory will carry out innovative scientific research in the following key areas: industrialization and application of suspended magnetization roasting technology and equipment for low-grade and difficult-to-select iron ores; development and industrial application of high-efficiency new flotation chemicals; new processing technology and equipment for low grade hematite and magnesite ores; research and development of preselection technology and equipment for low-grade metal ores; research on deep reduction technology for difficult-to-select iron ore and industrial applications; research on genetic mineral processing engineering technology.

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