Key Laboratory of High-end Computer Numerical Control Machine Tools, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

The target of Key Laboratory of High-end Computer Numerical Control Machine Tools is to build a first-class basis for the research and development of technology of high-end numerical control machines and to serve the rebounding and development of the base of northeast old industry. It will develop advanced integrated technology research and development such as design, manufacturing, simulation analysis and design verification of high-end CNC machine tools, build a domestic distinctive academic environment and scientific research team, and provide support for the development of innovative product of high-end CNC machine tools and cultivation of talents.

The main research directions of the laboratory include the digital design and manufacturing technology of high-end numerical control machine tools, advanced mechanism and driving technology of advanced CNC machine tools, the technology of numerical control parallel machine tools, micro-numerical control machine tools and processing technology, modular design technology of CNC machine tools control system, and digital prototype and virtual simulation technology of high-end CNC machines. As a key laboratory of high-end CNC machines in liaoning province, it has implemented the open and shared innovation mechanism and scientific research operation mode, established research partnerships with many universities, institutes and enterprises.And the existing research platforms and related resources have been opened and shared to the society, which have achieved the desired results.

The laboratory has more than 40 kinds of machine tools, such as SVW80C-3D five-axis addition and subtraction compound machining center, optical curved surface grinding machine, DMG five axis linkage processing center and other kinds of machine tools.The laboratory is also equipped with X-350A X-ray diffraction, OLYMPUS-OLS4100 3D laser microscope, super deep scene microscope, 3D optical profilers, kistler resistance dynamometer, infra-red thermograph, scanning electron microscope, etc. All kinds of tools for measurement and analysis are complete, which provide good conditions for the experiment and detection of high-end CNC machine products.

The laboratory members have been engaged in the experimental research on the development of high-end CNC machine products for a long time, and have carried out theoretical analysis and experimental research on the mainframes of high-end CNC machine tools and key parts under the supports of national major projects, "863" projects and the national natural science foundation, which have accumulated rich research results. Sincerely welcome domestic and foreign scholars and researchers to laboratory for the cooperative research and personnel training.

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