Key Laboratory of Safe Mining of Deep Metal Mines, Ministry of Education

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Update: 2019-01-25

Key Laboratory of Safe Mining of Deep Metal Mines (Northeastern University), Ministry of Education was launched in December, 2011, under the approval of the Ministry of Education, and is accomplished in November, 2016. Mining engineering at Northeastern University is one of the first key subjects in “Project 211” and “Project 985”, leading in Northeastern University “Double Tops” construction. This subject is one of the earliest subjects which are authorized to award the Master’s and Doctorate degrees; it was approved to set up a postdoctoral research center. Aiming at solving scientific and technical problems in deep metal deposit mining, the laboratory focuses on process evaluation, disaster control and safe and high efficiency mining technology in the field of stability and catastrophic evolution of complex engineering rock mass in deep metal mines. The laboratory aims to build a forecasting theory system of composing of mining geology, deep rock mechanics and computer science and technology for deep mine disaster analyzing and prediction. It provides basic theory and design reference for safe and efficient mining in deep mine of China, and improves the research capability in deep mine resources exploitation.

Since its establishment, the lab pursuits independent innovation, orients to science frontier and targets main battlefield of economic construction and the major needs of the country. The research group is led by professor Xia-ting Feng who is the vice president of the university, former chairman of ISRM, chairman of CSRME, winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Yangtze river scholars distinguished professor, leading talent of Ten Thousand Talent Program and Millions of Leading Engineering Talents, the winner of outstanding contribution award of IACMAG, the winner of National innovation award. This team is composed of NAE member, members of Thousand Talent Program and Thousand Talent Program for Foreign Experts. There are 51 research personnel, of whom 17 are professors, 14 are vice professors, 20 are lecturers and engineers, including 1 member of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 3 Yangtze river scholars distinguished professors, 3 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and 6 members of New Century Excellent Talents. The lab is consist of 4 research sections and 2 research centers: deep engineering geology section, deep rock mechanics and engineering safety section, safe and efficient mining of deep metal mines section, refractory metal mine safe and efficient mining section, international non-conventional geomechanics research center and deep engineering science experiment center.

The lab is equipped with advanced facilities, including some self-developed research equipment such as true triaxial testing apparatus for complete stress–strain curves of hard rocks, true triaxial system for high stressed hard rock, true triaxial testing apparatus for creep and shear experiment of high stressed hard rocks, microscopic multiaxial loading testing system, true triaxial adsorption and permeability testing system for tight rock, hard rock triaxial rheology apparatus, multi-field coupling triaxial rheology apparatus , multi-field coupling testing system for deep buried gas reservoir, rock failure process testing system under high stress and microwave, etc. In addition, the lab also has testing platforms for deep rock mechanics, unconventional geomechanics, integrated in-situ monitoring, large scale 3-D physical model experimental system of deep excavation, remote intelligent decision making system for deep mining process, comprehensive experimental platform for ultra-dynamic process of electric blasting of hard rock under high stress, etc. The laboratory has accomplished over 100 projects including “Project 973”, “Project 863”, project of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, major project of the National Natural Science Fund, major international cooperation project, project of National Key Technology Support Program, and enterprise cooperation project. The laboratory has won 5 times the second prize of National Science and Technology Awards, over 30 granted national invention patents, and published over 10 treatises and more than 300 papers. The laboratory has established corporation relationships with relevant research institutions in the USA, Canada, England, and Australia, etc.

111 project of the ministry of education and the state administration of foreign experts on rock mechanics and safety for deep engineering was approved to construct in November 2016. A dozen international first-class experts & scholars were attracted to gather here, to carry out the long-term cooperative research,making further promotions and enhancements of international level of the key laboratories.

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