Key Laboratory of Vibration and Control of Aero-propulsion System (Northeastern University), Ministry of Education

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Update: 2019-01-25

The Key Laboratory of Vibration and Control of Aero-propulsion System (Northeastern University, Class B) was approved of foundation of the project by the Ministry of Education in July 2010. It was accepted and officially opened in October 2013. Then it passed the evaluation in 2017. This National Defense Laboratory is based on the background of revitalizing the old industrial base of Northeast, especially the equipment manufacturing, aiming at the major strategic needs of the two machine special, taking the key technology requirements of vibration noise of aero-propulsion system as the characteristic direction of the laboratory. The research works are carried out on the rotor dynamics of aero-propulsion system and the whole machine vibration, strength, lifetime, reliability design and evaluation, vibration noise and control of structural system, test diagnosis and health management, digital design and intelligent equipment. To meet the major requirement of the country, and simultaneously, promoting the development of frontier theory and technology. The main research interests of the Key Laboratories include: Nonlinear vibration and noise control of aero-propulsion system, reliability design and evaluation of aero-propulsion system, health monitoring and management of aero-propulsion system, intelligent assembly and digital processing of aero-propulsion system, rotor dynamics of aero-propulsion system and vibration of the whole machine, fault diagnosis and control of aero-propulsion system.

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