Key Laboratory of Ecological Metallurgy of Multimetallic Mineral (Northeastern University), Ministry of Education

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Update: 2019-01-25

Key laboratory of ecological Metallurgy of multimetallic mineral (Northeastern University) of Ministry of Education, was prepared to set up in 2008, and was accepted by Ministry of Education in 2013. Based on the metallurgical engineering, mineral engineering, and industrial ecology of NEU, an integrated innovation platform of science and technology for ecological metallurgy of multimetallic mineral has been established in the laboratory with a main consideration of Chinese mineral resources characteristics. It consists three research fields:
(1) Theory and technique of transfer and separation of elements in multimetallic mineral.
(2) Theory and linkage technique of multilevel utilization of multimetallic mineral.
(3) Theory and technique of cleaning and modification process of metal melts.
The frontier fundamental and strategic high-tech researches for the ecological metallurgy of multimetallic mineral are promoted, and the new theory, method and technique is designed and exploited in the laboratory. By means of cultivation of the high-quality talents and construction of the innovation research base, the Laboratory will become an open interdisciplinary research center which will be the domestic leading and international famous level in the field of ecological metallurgy of multimetallic mineral. The Laboratory will play a significant role in scientific and technological progress of metallurgical industry in China.

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