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Update: 2019-01-25

The research center of the science and technology policy of the Northeastern University, is based on the achievements made in the construction of the "211 Project" and "985 Project" in the school, and further integrates, condenses, deepens and promotes the overall innovation ability of the school philosophy and social science. It is the optimization of the scientific research resources of the school and the collection of the scientific research resources of the school. It is an important component of the Northeastern University and the national innovation system that the outstanding top-notch talents, the formation of innovative team and the new scientific research organization that embody the interdisciplinary characteristics of the subject.

The research center, relying on the science and engineering foundation of Northeastern University, insists on starting the discipline construction with the project and promoting the development of the base with discipline construction. Rely on some domestic research projects to take the lead, seize the frontiers, and form a batch of systematic and high-level scientific and technological policy research results as soon as possible. At the same time, we should fully explore the existing resources of Northeastern University, rely on the advantages of the science and engineering discipline of Northeastern University, seize the high point of cross discipline, strengthen the research of major strategic problems, improve the quality and level of strategic research, form a series of characteristic research results, and build the brand of the Northeastern University science and technology policy research base. The construction of Northeastern University's science and technology policy research base has become a first-class strategic research base in China.

In terms of research direction, the center for science and technology policy of Northeastern University has achieved a major breakthrough in the following four aspects.

The research of science and technology development strategy and science and technology policy. Since its establishment, a number of research subjects have been completed and advisory reports submitted to relevant ministries and commissions have been adopted. In view of the solid research foundation, based on the characteristics of Northeastern University, we further expand the research field of high-tech development strategy and macro science and technology development strategy.

The research of university scientific research and national innovation system construction. As a knowledge producer, disseminator and creator, universities are the main force of the national innovation system. To strengthen the management of scientific research in Colleges and universities, to improve the efficiency of scientific research, to promote the achievements and achievements of colleges and universities, to produce important and innovative achievements in the development of the national economy, and to accelerate the pace of the construction of the innovative country, is the important task that the theoretical researchers of colleges and universities should pay attention to and further study. It is also the future of the research center. The research direction of the longer period.

The research of regional science and technology management and science and technology policy. The revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China is urgently needed to provide advanced scientific and technological management and scientific and technological policy research support. The research direction is not only conducive to the choice of theoretical issues in the frontier of the world in depth, but also to the theoretical contact with the reality, and the major scientific, economic and social problems in the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China as the main direction and entry point, and to formulate a public, operational and innovative public area. Management and public policy play a policy oriented and normative role in the construction of national science and technology innovation system.

The research of network science and technology policy. The development of network technology has changed the way of production and people's way of life. The rapid development of network science and technology, the frequent interaction between the network society and the real society make the space of the network society expand rapidly and become more and more influential to the real society. Paying attention to the research of network technology policy will help to guide and standardize the development of network science and technology, and promote the healthy and orderly development of Internet Democracy and politics.

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