Engineering and Technology Research Center of Urban Intelligent Transportation and Logistics Engineering, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

Engineering and Technology Research Center of Urban Intelligent Transportation and Logistics Engineering was founded in 2012. The research center has 33 faculty members, including, including 5 Ph.D supervisors, 9 professors, 10 associate professors, 2 from Project of Yangtze River Scholar, 3 from New Century Excellent Talents in University. 9 in the professor, and 10 by the associate professor. The center has an academic committee, 1 director and 6 academic members. Prof. Shixin Liu is the director of research center.

According to the national strategic target in intelligent transportation and logistics engineering, the center has determined its new research directions, which include:

1) The research on integer programming modeling and optimization algorithm for traffic district division problem.
2) The research on the model and algorithm of urban traffic management improvement and optimization based on big data analysis.
3) The research on the model and algorithm of the timetable design method for conventional public transport system.
4) The research on modeling and optimization of public transport operation scheduling based on real-time big data.
5) The research on key technologies of large data real-time traffic information cloud computing system.
6) The research on intelligent process control technology based on industrial big data.
7) The research on data-driven robust optimization method for large scale product customization and process planning in process industry.

The research center has 1100 square meters of research, office and experimental rooms. There are 3 research platforms, such as the urban public transportation intelligent management system simulation platform based on Flexsim, the urban road traffic organization and the optimization simulation platform, and the integrated traffic operation and dispatching simulation platform based on the large data.

Since the establishment of the research center, it has a number of key technologies, and is declaring more than 10 patents of invention, 15 patents of utility models and 7 patents have been authorized. They have been applied and popularized in the major projects of intelligent transportation and so on. It has promoted the development of science and technology and production in the intelligent transportation industry.

In recent years, more than 40 papers have been published by the research center, more than 20 articles have been retrieved by SCI, more than 10 international conference papers. More than 10 scientific research projects have been funded and the funding for scientific research are more than 20 million yuan.

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