Engineering and Technology Research Center of Cloud Computing, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

Engineering and Technology Research Center of Cloud Computing, Liaoning Province was established in 2011. With the research direction of resource virtualization, service standardization, management automation, application customization and operation platform, industrial application research and development under the cloud environment, such as cloud resource management, cloud application management, cloud integration platform, provides advanced technical support for the information transformation of the industrial base, Liaoning, making the cloud computing technology an engineering discipline that combines information management, technology management, production management, and economic management.

The research center’s major research directions include:

Theory research on cloud resource virtualization, cloud data integration, cloud data management, cloud service standardization interface, automatic configuration in cloud environment, cloud application service capability management, and cloud application security;

Middleware platform research on Storage Resource, Computing Resource, Software Resource and Data Integration;

Key technology research on large-scale scientific computing, knowledge discovery and data mining, massive data processing algorithm research, cloud application customization, multi-tenant data storage, tenant isolation, elastic resource scheduling, application of rapid deployment and migration strategy;

Support platform development and industrial application in cloud computing.


Address: No 195, Chuangxin Rd., Hunnan Dist., Shenyang 110819, P R China
Tel/Fax: +86-24-83673268

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