Engineering and Technology Research Center of Advanced Filter, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

name:Engineering and Technology Research Center of Advanced Filter, Liaoning Province
Supporting uinversity:Northeasten University
Center director:Jing-Xian Liu Prof.

Engineering and Technology Research Center of Advanced Filter, Liaoning Province, which was approved on June 17, 2009, was founded and financed by 3 unit, including Northeastern University as supporting unit, Dandong Tianhao Clarification Material Co., Ltd. and Fushun Jinghua Industry Cloth Co., Ltd. as cooperative associations. The alliance give full play to the advantages of Northeastern University in the research of filtration theory and the research and development of filter materials, and the advantages of Fushun Jinghua Industry Cloth Co., Ltd. in the manufacture and new products development of dust removal materials and the advantages of Dandong Tianhao Clarification Material Co., Ltd. in the the manufacture and new products development of air purification materials.

The center established and improved the testing laboratory for the physical properties, chemical properties and filtration properties of filter materials for dust removal and air purification, the research laboratory of filter material failure and reliability, the laboratory of the life extension of filter materials, the laboratory of the design and development of new functional filter materials. And the center also built industrialization demonstration bases with the intellectual property rights of new filter material for air purification and industry, built the ultrasonic filter bag production line, glass fiber filter material line, paper folding line , perfected the needled felt filter and post-processing production line, promoted the industrialization development of new material in two industrial clusters.

Since 2009, the center undertook and completed the The National High Technology Research and Development Program project “Development and application of high performance filter material for bag house”,"Flue gas emission control technology and equipment for large coal-fired utility boilers- filter material", the National Science and Technology Support Program project "PM2.5 control technology and equipment of steel kiln smoke and dust", "Research on on dust hazard protection technology in the crushing and screening of asbestos mining enterprises", the National Natural Science Foundation Project "Research on failure mechanism and life prediction of polyphenylene sulfide filter material under multiple factor" and the National Key Research and Development Project "Development and industrialization of renewable filter material for super fine particles". the center developed domestic polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fiber and filter material with independent intellectual property right used in coal-fired power plant,which created direct output value of 400 million yuan and saved foreign exchange of 1.1 billion yuan for China. As well as the technology and filter materials used for the emission control of ultra-fine particles in such places as steel furnaces and cement, it has made an important contribution to the effective control of PM2.5 emission in the corresponding industry. The center also undertaken dozens of projects of dust removal and filter materials commissioned by enterprises which involved many fields such as coal-fired power plants, electronics, engines, mines, metallurgy and so on.

The research results, "Research on technical equipment for monitoring and control of typical dust and toxic hazards" and "Research on key technology of occupational hazard supervision system in workplace", were awarded 5 provincial and ministerial awards.

The center also undertakes the product identification and performance testing of the filter materials and dust accessories, on behalf of the Chinese, draft international standard "ISO 11057-2011 Air quality - Test method for filtration characterization of cleanable filter media", Revised "GB/ t6719-2009 bag filter technology requirements" (original gb12625-90), and participated in drafting the industry standard "DL/T 1121-2009 Technical specification for bag type dust removal of boiler flue gas in coal-fired power plant”.

The center has trained more than 30 postgraduates and formed a research team with reasonable structure, rich experience, bold innovation and solidarity and cooperation. It has a solid theoretical foundation, world class equipment and research methods. It has established scientific research cooperation and kept frequent academic exchanges with the famous universities of America, German and Japan.

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