Engineering and Technology Research Center of Mineral Material, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

Engineering and Technology Research Center of Mineral Material(ETRCMM), Liaoning Province is committed to the teaching, scientific research and technology development, production, sales in the fields of mineral materials, efficiency and utilization of mineral resources, and mine environmental protection, and have independent intellectual property rights of mineral processing equipment and high-performance materials of mineral products.

Since founded in 2001, ETRCMM has completed the national key basic research program (973) in item 2, the national 863 high technology research and development planning projects in item 4, the National Natural Science Fund project 18 items, provincial major scientific and technological research projects 2 items, the provincial science and technology fund projects 4 items, and so on. 78 item patents have been filed, 54 of which have been authorized. The teachers and students in the center have published over 500 academic papers and written 6 academic books.

The faculties in the Liaoning ETRCMM are working on the National Key Basic Research Programs, two items of National Ministry of Science and Technology Research Project, 3 items of National Natural Science Foundation Projects, 2 items of International Cooperation Key Projects. Liaoning ETRCMM has many production technologies of nanometer calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate whisker, woodfiber used in road, and devoted themselves to mining enterprises to solve the problemsin poor miscellaneous mineral resources andrefractorymineral separation.

Liaoning ETRCMM were built on the basis of Mineral Processing and Powder Technology Institute of Northeastern University. ETRCMM not only organized actively but also participated in academic exchanges in the fields at home and abroad, and had many partnerrelationships with units or universities in the United States, Canada, Britain, Sweden, Australia and other countries. We have been organized a total of 12 times for the National Powder Engineering Academic Conference.The Academic Committee of Powdery Engineering of Mineral Processing Branchin China Metal Society and the Non-metallic Mineral Professional Committee are all affiliated to the center.

There are three professors, two doctoral tutor, four associate professors, two senior engineers, and two assistant lecturers in Liaoning ETRCMM, which is an academic echelon with teamwork spirit. The center has the desire to cooperate extensively with all parts of society and promote the development and technological progress in the field of mineral processing engineering.

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