Engineering and Technology Research Center of Equipment Diagnosis, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

Engineering and Technology Research Center of Equipment Diagnosis, Liaoning Province is one of the first industry entities in NEU that integrates production, teaching, and research. In recent years, under the guidance of caring of school leaders, the Engineering Centre of Equipment Diagnosis has made a rapid progress and has made a series of achievements in scientific research, and the industry entities- Shenyang DT Inspection Equipments Co.,Ltd. was set up under the leadership of the engineering center. We hold the Business philosophy “High-tech, World-class, Quality-brand”. DT Inspection Equipments Co.,Ltd. has made a series of scientific and technological achievements in X-ray detection research and special-detection equipment research, and has industrialized many technologies.

Engineering Centre of Equipment Diagnosis has provided advanced technical means that based on Machinery and equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis research and development, and under the direction of optimal control, economic operation, the life-cycle, equipment management system project for the equipment manufacturing industry, which makes the technical fault diagnostic technology management, production management and economic management combined engineering disciplines. Theoretical study of diagnostic equipment discipline and practical technology, study of sensor technology and equipment signal processing analysis technology, study of transverse application technology of combining disciplines, e.g. mathematics, physics, chemistry, materials, machinery, electronic technology, process control, application software, development and industrial production of special instrumentation in the diagnostic equipment field.

The “Center” currently has 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 2 doctoral graduates, and 12 master graduate students. He is the vice chairman unit of the National Diagnosis Society for Fault Diagnosis, the director unit of equipment diagnosis in Northeast China, and the standing director unit of China Vibration Engineering Society.

Since its establishment, Engineering Centre of Equipment Diagnosis has undertaken more than 35 scientific research projects, more than 15 national vertical scientific research projects, and 11 natural science funds, provincial, ministerial-level major and key projects. He published 110 papers, published 2 academic monographs, obtained 4 invention patents, applied for and accepted 5 invention patents, and obtained 5 utility model patents. It won 19 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological advancement and invention awards.

Line scanning multi-energy X-ray security checking equipment has been fully industrialized, and achieved 450 million Yuan; digital identification system to weld film have been tested in industry, meanwhile, 70 sets of such weld film Recognition system have been on sale, yield a industrial output value of 7 million Yuan.

Sub company Shenyang Di_Thai detection equipment Limited has been certified as high tech enterprise, it has the ISO90001, ISO14000, ISO18000, the Ministry of Public Security (GB15208-2005) Special security products, the state electromagnetic compatibility test center radiation safety certification and licensing certification

Engineering and Technology Research Center of Equipment Diagnosis, Liaoning Province is a leading domestic engineering and technology research center with extensive influence at home and abroad. We have maintained close contact with many academic institutions and professors at home and abroad over the years. Engineering and Technology Research Center of Equipment Diagnosis, Liaoning Province has independently held three international academic conferences in the area of equipment diagnosis. Currently, it has extensive technical exchanges with experts from Japan, the United States, Finland, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In the future, we will continue to uphold the concept of independent research and development, citing various authorities, and seeking truth and being pragmatic. We will continue to advance in the field of equipment diagnosis and the development of special inspection equipment.

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