Rolling engineering technology center, Liaoning province

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Update: 2019-01-25


The rolling engineering technology center of Liaoning province is established on October 19, 1998. The rolling engineering technology center relies on the state key laboratory rolling and automation (RAL) of Northeastern University, and the center belongs to a high-tech enterprise of Liaoning province.

Legal person:

Guodong Wang (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering)


Development, consultation and services for metal rolling process technology, equipment, automation and computer control technology. Besides, manufacturing and marketing of metal forming and control equipment.

Research direction:

The center is engaged in studying new theory, new technology and new technology of rolling process, and also studying corresponding control method and automatic system. The center optimizes the rolling process with aim of energy saving, material saving, improving quality and reducing cost.

specific research direction is as follows:

1. High precision and high quality plate rolling theory, process and technology development;
2. Theoretical research and process development of rolling process for merchant steels;
3. Research and product development of near final casting and rolling process;
4. Rolling process automation and computer control, modeling and model identification.

Products and services:

The center can provided the enterprise to strip cold rolling mill, strip hot rolling mill, continuous casting & rolling mill, high precision asynchronous rolling mill, small continuous rolling mill for merchant steels, cross wedge rolling mill, composite strip rolling technology, technologies of shape control, computer aided pass design technique, microstructure-performance prediction, control equipment and technology and its complete sets of automatic control system.

Center has strong capabilities of theoretical analysis and real-time control software development for rolling process. The rolling process parameter analysis, calculation, setting and simulation software have been applied in many steel mills. The core technology of automatic thickness control (AGC), automatic plate control (AFC), automatic tension control (ATC) and other modern continuous rolling process control has been the main direction of research and technology development. Researches on mathematical model of rolling process and development tools of backend support program , artificial intelligence technology in the application of research in the process of rolling, etc. have obtained the remarkable theoretical results, and have also been applied in industrial manufacture.

Representative research:

The rolling engineering technology center of Liaoning province has received fifty-one national and provincial science and technology awards, including two national science and technology progress first prize, three second prize, one national technology invention second prize, two provincial and ministerial-level science and technology award prizes, seven first prizes, nineteen second prizes and seventeen third prizes. The center has also obtained thirty-three patents for invention patents, seven utility model patents and two software copyrights.

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