Engineering and Technology Research Center of CAD/CAM, Liaoning Province

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Update: 2019-01-25

The CAD/CAM Engineering Research Center of Liaoning Province has been established in 1998. According to modern mechanical design technology and advanced manufacturing technology, some complex products have been researched by using digital modeling and simulation in this Engineering Research Center. There are 22 faculty and staff members, including 5 professors, 13 associate professors and 2 engineering technicians. There are more than 80 research papers indexed by SCI and EI. More than 20 Ph.D students and 60 master students have graduated from the Center.

The main research directions are shown below:

(1)Modern design theory and method
(2)CAD/CAM/CAE/modeling and optimal method
(3)Digital prototype/ Digital machining/Digital assemble
(4)3D printing/ additive material and cutting technology
(5)Intelligent machining and diagnosis technology

The Center focuses on the development of new theories, new methods, new technologies in mechanical products based on requirements of enterprise and society, so some complex equipments are researched by using the modeling and simulation technology, such as modern machine tool, hybrid robot, engine, additive material equipment etc. Significant achievements in scientific research contribute the economic development and social benefits.


Address: New Mechanical Building in Northeastern University
Website: updating
Name: Lida zhu
Tel: 024-83687626
Post Address: 319# Post box, Northeastern University, Shenyang City
Post code: 110819

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