Engineering Research Center of Non-ferrous Metals Metallurgical Process Technology,Ministry of Education

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Update: 2019-01-25

The engineering research center of ministry of education of non-ferrous metals metallurgical process technology has passed expert demonstration of construction on October 2009. The current director of the research center is Professor Zhang Ting-an.

The research center consists of 30 fixed workers and 20 migrant workers, which includes one man of members of the subject consultative group of the state council, two men of national natural science foundation outstanding young fund winners, one man of “Kunlun scholar” distinguished professors, two man of the new century talents of the ministry of education, two man of China non-ferrous metal youth science and technology award winners, and one man of Liaoning youth science and technology award "ten great talent" winners.

Since the establishment of the center, with the goal of "transformation and industrialization of technological innovation achievements on energy saving and emission reduction of non-ferrous metals metallurgy", the following contents have been carried out:

(1) Building a non-ferrous metal metallurgical energy saving and emission reduction technology development platform.
(2) Building two technology transformation platforms for energy conservation and emission reduction of non-ferrous metal metallurgy, and high value-added metallurgical products.

The transformation platform for energy saving and emission reduction of non-ferrous metal metallurgy mainly consists:

① The new technology transformation platform for energy conservation of electrolysis;
② Technology conversion platform for direct preparation of titanium by multi-stage deep reduction and short process technology of titanium alloy preparation;
③ Demonstration line for comprehensive utilization of solid wastes in aluminum electrolysis.

The conversion platform of high value-added metallurgical products mainly consists of metal boride and carbide, high purity and ultra-fine powder, etc.

(3) Establishing an open base for technological services: creating a high land of technological innovation, and carrying out scientific and technological services in the field of non-ferrous metal metallurgy facing the whole country.

Since the establishment of the center, more than 500 projects have been undertaken, with a total income of more than 1.5 billion yuan; more than 1000 papers and 20 monograph publications have been published; 300 applications for national invention patents; and more than 30 of the national scientific and technological progress award, the highest award of the Geneva International Invention Patent Award and the special gold medal; obtaining 3 awards of provincial and ministerial level, such as the national teaching achievement award, and so on.

In recent years, the main achievements are as follows: the key technology of low cost, short process and clean producting of titanium and titanium alloy, high efficiency utilization of medium and low grade bauxite for the clean production of alumina from by calcification and carbonization method, the large scale, low cost and harmless treatment of Bayer red mud technology, aluminum electrolyzer with a new cathode structure and energy saving technology. Scale production and clean production of boron containing materials by self-propagating metallurgy, and key technologies for rapid, continuous and clean production of metal magnesium.

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