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Update: 2019-01-25

The Engineering Research Center of Complex Network Systems Security Protection Technologies was founded by the Ministry of Education in October 2007. The overall construction goal of the center is developing network and information security products and equipment through the integration of production, teaching and research, accelerating the formation of China's internationally competitive network and information security industry, and expanding occupation rate of the products of national brands in domestic and foreign markets. Through systematic research on the common, critical, and cutting-edge issues in the field of complex network system security protection technology, we will form a technology innovation system that meets market needs to enhance the industry's sustainable development capabilities. The center will concentrate on the strengths of network and information security research, give full play to the technological and scientific advantages of the relying units, and realize the ability of interdisciplinary research and joint research. Based on this, we will apply for and undertake more major national issues to make the development and application of information security technology reach a leading position in the country in terms of overall scale and level, and gradually reach the world advanced level. At the same time, a group of high-level professionals will be trained in R&D to drive the development of the entire ethnic industry with industrialization.

The center has more than 40 scientific researchers, including 8 senior professional titles, 20 intermediate professional titles, and 8 doctors. In recent years, the Center has undertaken nearly 100 million yuan in various scientific research projects of all levels, such as the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National 973 Program, and the National 863 Program. The center has published more than 100 academic papers, of which nearly 20 articles have been published in top international academic conferences and journals, applied for more than 20 national invention patents. Until now, there are 15 PhDs and more than 50 masters graduated from here.

A secure network environment is the foundation for all network services and applications. The establishment of a complex network system security environment requires reliable and powerful security support technology. Therefore, the research direction of the center mainly faces the key technical issues that need to be solved in this field, including: key technologies for security of complex network systems; key technologies for network and information security protection; key technologies for network content security protection; key technologies for network services and application security protection.

Research Field 1: Key technologies for security of complex network systems

The main research contents include information security framework under complex network system environment, security mechanism under complex network environment, including key management mechanism, certificate management mechanism, data trust and confidentiality storage mechanism, access control mechanism; complex network system software and hardware security Test evaluation models, test methods, and test automation technologies.

Research Field 2: Key technologies for Network and Information Security Protection

The main research contents include high-performance network security monitoring system, high-performance network protection system, high-performance firewall system, network security alarm correlation and early warning model and its key technologies, online database security monitoring and protection key technologies, and network worm detection technology.

Research Field 3: Key technologies for network Content Security Protection

Develop key technologies for comprehensive spam reporting; develop content-based network harmful image recognition and monitoring system software, related image databases, image analysis and recognition technologies, harmful website warning systems, and role-based security control software.

Research Field 4: Key technologies for Network Services and Application Security Protection

Carry out research on wireless network security technologies; carry out research on garbage voice filtering and prevention technologies in the fixed-mobile converged network environment; and conduct research on IP multimedia subsystem security protection technologies. Establish a test network environment supporting IPv6; build a network security system with a firewall as the main body for the IPv6 internet; propose a secure network mechanism model with QoS guarantee and supporting multicast, design a non-NP QoS multicast routing algorithm. Design online rerouting mechanism.

In recent years, the center has continuously expanded its cooperation channels, strengthened exchanges and cooperation with well-known academic institutions and enterprises, and strived to expand its academic influence at home and abroad. At present, the staff and structure of the center are reasonable, the management system and operating mechanism are perfect, and international exchanges and cooperation are frequent. We welcome domestic and international researchers to exchange and cooperate.

Address: Northeastern University No 3-11, Wenhua Rd., Heping Dist., Shenyang 110819, P R China
Name: Zhao Hong

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